Tongal Restaurant

tongal“Tongal” restaurant is a visit card of Azerbaijani cuisine. It is a high class restaurant with traditional “Azeri Tendir”, live music, its own wine cellars and VIP rooms inside. This place has a wide popularity in Baku. The only fact that Gerard Depardeu visited this place couple of years ago made me feel intrigued. However, its allocation is not that close to the center of the city.

I would say it looks like a small village with its own nature. There are lots of different ancient cultural elements. In my opinion, this place is more suitable for parties and birthday and wedding celebrations rather than individual lunch. Here you can fully feel rural ambience with lots of antiques, artificial waterfall and green bushes around you. All of this is very harmonious. There are many individual cabinets for different amount of guests, so for sure you can find one for your company. The private rooms seriously look like someone’s dining room, with a big table, satellite TV and different interesting elements inside. They serve both Azeri and European cuisine here. I would highly recommend you to visit this place in summer. Because the point of this place is to sit outside in this gorgeous ambience rather than sitting in a VIP room with plazma TV. But I will have to aware you: there is no English-speaking staff in this place, so come here only in case if you have some local guide or friend. Not only because of your language, but also because the bills will be different as well. Overall I left happy, but not because of food or service, and not because of a 60 AZN bill, but just because for two hours I left urban ambience and was integrated in a kind of “Nirvana Place”. That was pretty cool.

Recommended meals: All meals from “gazan” (cooking pot), ”kutabs”, ”tendir levengi”

Average bill : 20-40 AZN


  • Rural ambience
  • A huge territory
  • Free Parking
  • Live Music 


  • Slow service
  • Quite expensive
  • No English speaking staff Tel.: (+99412) 449-91-98; (+99450) 210 35 53 Tel.: (+99412) 449-91-98; (+99450) 210 35 53 82 Academic Hasan Aliyev st., Baku 82 Academic Hasan Aliyev st., Baku

Reviewed by: Tim Fazilov