1. The truth is there is nothing to see in Azerbaijan

via Flickr: Francisco Anzola

Baku Old Town “Icharishahar”.

2. There is nothing modern about this country

flame towers
via Flickr: Niyaz Bakili

Flame Towers in Baku.

3. And no sign of ancient history

mardakan castle
via Wikipedia: Xlodvig

Mardakan Quadrangular Castle.

4. Nature is boring and ugly

goygol lake
via Youtube: Igor Byshnev

Goygol National Park.

5. Streets are littered with bottles and cans

nizami street
via Flickr: Dieter Zirnig

Nizami Street – central street in Baku. Previously known as Torgovaya.

6. Buildings are in standard soviet architecture style like this

Ismailiyya building
via Wikipedia: Urek Meniashvili

Ismailiyya building in Baku. Built by oil baron Musa Naghiyev to memorialize his son, Ismail, who had died of tuberculosis. The building is based on the design of Palazzo Contarini in Venice.

7. Novruz holidays? Well, everyone celebrates it all over the world

Via lent.az

Novruz Holiday is a traditional holiday in Azerbaijan celebrated every year on 20-21 March.

8. National cuisine is all about hamburgers and French fries

via azcookbook

Some samples from Azerbaijani cuisine: pakhlava, lule-kebab, dovgha, chicken saj, dushbara (meat dumplings), dolma (stuffed eggplant, tomato and pepper), yarpag dolmasy (dumplings inside grape leaves), kufte-bozbash (meatball soup), tendir bread.

9. Azerbaijani people just hate to hang out and party hard

via Friday.az

10. And nobody heard about contemporary art

via javad.az

Javad Mir Javadov – Dance.

11. First inhabitants appeared there only in 20th century


Gobustan Petroglyphs dating back between 5,000 – 40,000 years.

12. Landscapes and towers are disappointing and uninspiring

sumuq qala

“Sumuq-Qala” tower in Ilisu village, Qakh district.

13. You can’t find any natural wonders here. Even a fire coming out of the ground

yanar dag
via Flickr: Stefano Bolognini

Natural wonder of Azerbaijan: Yanar Dag (burning mountain).

14. Or mud volcanoes…

mud volcano

via Flickr: Nick Taylor

Mud volcanoes near Gobustan.

15. Nights in Baku are so disgusting. You’d better not go out

via Flickr: Y Nakanishi

16. Villages are deserted all around the country

shaki village

Village in Shaki.

17. Everything is plain grey and white inside the buildings

Shaki khan palace
via Flickr: Raphaela

Inside the Palace of Shaki Khans.

18. Let’s agree with a simple fact: Azerbaijan is a terrible place to visit

via Flickr: ashmieke

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