What is the average monthly living cost in Baku?
It really depends on the way of life you are going to live and whether you have family or not. For one person monthly food expences will be 300 AZN minimum. A single room apartment outside the city center, but still convenient one will cost at around 250 AZN and more.  In the city center the prices start from 350 AZN. Transport is cheap. Metro pass and buses inside the city cost  20 qapiks. If you’re looking for apartment see the link.
I'm gonna travel Baku for just a few days. How much money should I take with me?
If you want to get full designer travel experience in Baku, then you’re going to spend 100 AZN a day. That includes your accommodation, food, museum visiting, sightseeing, overall entertainment and night life. However, normally 50 AZN would be enough if moderate sightseeing and experience is enough for you. 
What about the crime rate? Is it safe there in Baku?
Baku is one of the cities with the lowest crime rate, so there is nothing to worry about. See the Numbeo report.
What do I need to prepare before my trip?

  • Learn about the local culture – it will make you cooler in the eyes of locals and only by knowing the local tradition and customs you can get the brightest experience.
  • Dress accordingly. Climate is warm here, so if you are coming in winter, the weather will be 0 maximum (usually), not less. In summer it’s pretty hot – 35-40 degrees during July-August.
  • Have enough money in your pocket, during your trip, as Baku is one of the most expensive post-Soviet countries.
  • And of course – visa. Read complete guide here.

I can’t use eVisa system. What’s wrong?

eVisa is not for individuals and you don’t need to register there: http://evisa.mfa.gov.az/. It’s for licensed travel companies that will use it and give your application/information to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will issue your eVisa. You only need to fill the application form together with the required documents below and then send them to the travel company, or directly write to the travel companies if you need any help and fast consultation.

Required docs:

  • Filled application form
  • Passport scan
  • 2 colored photos (3×4)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Ticket to Azerbaijan and back

eVisas are available for a maximum duration of 30 days. Price: 20 USD