As Baku Explorer team we:

  • provide up-to-date information that can make your trip to Azerbaijan savvy and pleasurable
  • provide hassle-free travel planning for travelers by saving their time, costs and efforts
  • organize cost effective tours customized to your particular expectations and deliver authentic local spirit in the frame of responsible tourism principles.

Up to date information

Many travelers experience the gap of finding the right information at the right time before their travel or during their stay in Baku. Our team provides valuable information about favorite haunts and hidden spots, fascinating events and anything else you can enjoy in Baku.

Hassle-free travel planning

Once being beaten track for ancient travelers, this land has a lot to offer that unexpectedly will surprise you. In most cases travel planning may become exhaustive and time consuming activity. If Baku is your next destination, you do not need to make an extra effort and waste your time. Baku Explorer team made all the phases of travel planning easy for you through up to date information and friendly customer service team.

Guided Tours

Baku Explorer offers guided tours in which the best experiences have been complied to deliver our guests.
You can also create personalized tours, choose your own itinerary and add extra convenience.
Already living and working in Baku and want to discover more? You are also welcome to take advantage of our customized daily tours.

Why travelling with tour guide matters?

  • Your travel will be mindful and educative.
  • You will be able to avoid language barrier.
  • You will hear about local culture, etiquette, custom and traditions from first hand
  • You will be aware of local agenda, history and unique characteristics of indigenous population.
  • You will also find answers to questions that may particularly interest you such as:
    • How to spend your time efficiently here?
    • Tips about cuisine and where to dine out. Which “must  have” dishes and desserts you should try?
    • How to spend your money effectively and save some bucks and avoid tourist scams.
Travel becomes memorable experience if only it’s trouble free. Lay back and let Baku Explorer to plan your travel. Our local friendly guides are going to assist you during the whole trip.


  • We are always aware of ethical tourism and sustainability issues while providing guide service according to our code of conduct.
  • We concern about preservation of vulnerable sites and heritage while organizing and taking trips.
  • We provide employment opportunities for local human resources.
  • We encourage you to make responsible shopping from local artisans.
  • We respect the rights of all involved stakeholders.