Numismatics and Medal Shop

coins-medals_baku shop

There are many exquisite collection types in this world and one of the most popular is coin collection. While some people do it as a hobby, for some people it is the matter of profiting by selling the rare and old coins. Whatever type of person you are, there is a very fancy shop in Baku, where you can get old, rare, not too rare and just beautiful looking coins. Located behind the Old City (Ichari-shahar) walls of Baku, “Num.Az Coins & Medals” shop will excite you with its lots of things to show you from medals and coins to antique souvenirs, postmarks and accessories.

Num.Az was opened in 2011 and there you can find orders from the times of Ottoman Empire, postcards from the pre-Soviet Azerbaijan, paper money from the Russian Civil War and many other unique souvenirs all for the price based on its rarity and oldness. It’s not such a big shop, as you might think, but the collections and variety of the antique inside are pretty remarkable.

Num.Az Interior

If you are bored with buying traditional souvenirs for your friends or if you just want to make a special present for your friends, Num.Az will be a treasure for you, because even if you don’t have a big sum of money to buy antique, you still can find some modern medals and honour orders which are not as expensive as antique souvenirs. Tel.: (+99412) 492 02 31 Tel.: (+99412) 492 02 31 Email: Email:  28 Sabir Street, Baku 28 Sabir Street, Baku